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Fuel Price Reduction at GMU

Trial Period:  April 1 – September 30, 2014

The Greenville Airport Commission (GAC) is working with Greenville Jet Center (GJC) to offer a significantly lower self-serve avgas price.  Our hope is that this will encourage more pilots to purchase their fuel at GMU.

This significantly lower price will require that self-serve be totally self-serve.  GJC will not be able to tow your aircraft to or from the self-serve pump for you to get this price. In consideration of others who would like to take advantage of the lower priced avgas, aircraft should never be left unattended at the self-serve station before or after refueling. Furthermore, GJC will no longer be able to sell avgas off the truck for the new self-serve price.  In the past, GJC has provided these services at no extra charge in an effort to provide superior service to its based customers.  Since these things cost money (i.e., labor, equipment wear-and-tear, truck fuel), we have asked them to significantly lower the self-serve avgas price in lieu of providing these additional services.

Our goal is for GJC’s self-serve avgas price to encourage more customers to use GMU.  Please vote with your self-serve avgas purchases if you want GJC to continue this new strategy beyond the trial period.  Where else can you get low fuel prices and dine at an airport cafe with great food that also features an aviation themed park and playground?  

Please purchase your fuel at GMU and support your local airport and FBO.  Spring has sprung...LET’S GO FLYING!

To help celebrate South Carolina Aviation Week the South Carolina Aviation Association released a video entitled Aviation Makes Life Accessible

Greenville Rescue Animal Airlift:
Make a Flight, Save a Life!

September 27th, 2014!

Details to follow!

Friday, September 26th & Saturday, September 27th, 2014

The Southeast Aviation Expo 2014 will be held at the Greenville Downtown Airport. The event will showcase the latest aviation products, have a static aircraft display and educational sessions. For more information, please visit

The 3rd Annual Take Flight 5K will be held on Saturday, May 23rd, 2015 (Memorial Day weekend) at the Greenville Downtown Airport.  Money raised will go to help complete Runway Park at GMU!  For more information and to register for the event, please visit

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