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Aviation industry leaders are predicting a huge shortage of pilots, air traffic controllers and aircraft maintenance technicians since many of the people currently holding these jobs are now reaching retirement age. Many of them were originally trained in the military. The military is not training as many people for these careers anymore because our wars have changed. In South Carolina, there are many aviation companies that need employees since Boeing and many of their suppliers have moved to our region. Greenville has several companies that support the aviation industry.

You could consider working at an airport as an...
Air freight or cargo agent
Airport manager
Air traffic controller
Baggage or cargo handler
Concession worker
Customs agent
Drug enforcement agent
Fire and crash rescue team member
Flight dispatcher
Ground attendant
Operations manager overseeing fuel sales
Passenger service agent
Ramp service personnel
Ticket or travel agent
Taxi driver

Learn to design or build an aircraft by becoming an…
Aeronautical engineer or drafter
Aircraft assembler
Airframe equipment and engine assembly worker
CNC machinist
CNC programmer
Electrical engineer
Electrical installer or technician
Gas turbine machinist
Machine tool operator
Manufacturing engineer
Aerospace engineer
Mechanical engineer
Quality control technician
Sheet metal fabricator
Tool, jig, and fixture maker

Work on an aircraft by becoming an...
Agricultural, air taxi or charter pilot
Aerial firefighter
Flight attendant
Flight instructor
Border patrol pilot
Sky marshal
Test pilot
Commercial pilot

Or you could become an...
Aviation medical examiner
Civil engineer
Accident investigator
Aviation attorney
Aviation safety inspector
Aircraft Maintenance Technician

Did You Know?
The average employee total compensation (which includes salary and benefits) for an aerospace employee in South Carolina is over $70,000 on average.  Compare that to the average total compensation of a South Carolina employee in all fields which is $41,000.  Then consider the aerospace industry’s 8.4% average annual growth rate in South Carolina…this might be a great career path for you!*
*SC Council on Competitiveness, August 19, 2014

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