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Foreign Object Debris (FOD)

Foreign objects debris (FOD) found on the runways and taxiways can cause damage to airplanes and people. 


Our FOD program needs your help!

We need your help to eliminate anything found on the airport that should not belong there.


Trash, pens, bolts, nuts, loose change, and any material that is not on the ground should be picked up and deposited in the bins located around the airport.


It may not seem like it but FOD can puncture tires, get sucked into engine intakes, and made into a projectile by jets or propellors causing major damage to equipment or people.

Good News! 


We have a reward program.

Take a photo of the FOD and you, message us below, attach the photo, and tell us where you found it with your contact information.


The most unique FOD and photo will be selected for monthly and quarterly prizes.

Contact Information

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Thanks for submitting!

Mark your calendars for our next Annual FOD Walk on Saturday, August 19th from 6:30am-8:30am. 

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